Kooyer Reunion 2009

This is a message to update everyone about the Family Reunion.

I made a call to the Chippewa National Forest folks today and left a message. I also emailed them. I intend to check on the availability of the campgrounds. I’m aiming for the the same area as last time but I’m not familiar with any of this so I could use some help.

I had heard that campgrounds were filling up on the news and 3 Weeks ago I hurt my back pretty bad so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Next week I’m traveling for business again and the following week I’ll be in AZ for a vacation.

I’m sure other members of the family are much more familiar with the number of sites that are required for our little weekend getaway so if there is input regarding that–I could use the information.

Last time we did this a committee was formed. I don’t remember who’s idea it was but I think it was somewhat useful. Though this time I’d prefer the committee be open to the entire family… or at least anyone who would like to give input.

If you can’t (or are unable to) help I’ll still keep updating this area as well as the Facebook email group I created for the reunion.

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