2009 Reunion Details:

Ladies and Gentlemen (and the rest) of the Kooyer clan of Minnesota, here are the initial details of the reunion for 2009:

The Particulars:

  • Where: Cass Lake, Norway Beach:  Chippewa Loop and Norway Loop
  • Date: August, 7th, 8th and 9th, 2009
  • Time: Whenever you arrive.
  • Who: You and yours!  Or is that us and ours? As I find out who is attending this year I will post a list on this site and point you to the link.

Regarding Chippewa Loop:

As many of you know with the slump in the economy, camping is at an all time high this year.  All national camp sites are booking up at record speeds.   I apologize for not getting on top of this a little sooner, but I assure you I’m doing everything I can to help make the event worthwhile!

Chippewa Loop is booked full.  Today I reserved the last 4 campsites under my name at $56 each for the weekend–That’s two nights for Fri and Sat at $28 including cancellation fees.  I know some of the family has already booked reservations at this site.  I do not know who.  For those of you who must have a Chippewa Loop camp site you should contact me as soon as possible to get one.  I am not taking any of the spots for myself so there are currently four available.

  • These campsites are RV equipped.
  • 10 Persons per site are allowed.
  • You may have either 1 RV and 1 Tent or 2 tents per site.

Regarding the Norway Loop:

This is the larger loop.   There are 30 available sites as  I type this.  I expect by the end of today or tomorrow to have the Chippewa spots that I reserved booked for family members.   If you don’t mind where you are on Norway Beach and are active and able to move about easily I suggest you book here.

Picnic Shelter & Activities:

I have reserved the Picnic Shelter at Norway Beach for the entire day Saturday.  Some suggested activities that include the use of this shelter have been:

  • A picnic.  (How novel!)
  • A large game of Uno! (Bring a deck or two–we’ll use ’em!)
  • Cribbage tournament!
  • Bring a Board game…
  • Other card games!
  • A party in the evening? Formal attire is a must:  Swimsuits, flannels, sweats and jeans are accepted.

Non-Picnic Shelter Activities might include:

  • A Fishing outing
  • Golfing
  • Water sports (though I don’t know if we’ll have a volunteer for a boat)  Maybe you could run real fast and skip across the water.
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Shoes!
  • Lawn Games!
  • Scavenger Hunt?
  • Other suggestions?

Book Now!

As you read above, things are booking fast.  To give you an idea of just how fast National Forest Reservations are occurring let me share this:  While I was on the phone with the representative, the reservation number jumped 550+ in ten minutes.  That’s 550 reservations nationally every ten minutes.   That’s about 55 reservations per minute.  Or almost 1 a second!  Granted, those are not all Minnesota reservations but if you intend on camping, I suggest you book now and book often.

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4 Responses to 2009 Reunion Details:

  1. Adam says:

    UPDATE: Steve Wiskerchen took the first reservation I booked. There are only 3 left.

  2. Adam says:

    Update Betty also took one of the spots I reserved. She would like to keep it reserved for Parking but if we run short she said she will gladly give the site up!

  3. Adam says:

    Also! There have been many people having trouble logging in to the site. I’ve reset all of the accounts so if you wish to login, please create a new account. You will find the Instructions above under the “Destructions” tab.

  4. Adam says:

    All of the spots I reserved are now booked.

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