2009 Reunion Details:

Ladies and Gentlemen (and the rest) of the Kooyer clan of Minnesota, here are the initial details of the reunion for 2009:

The Particulars:

  • Where: Cass Lake, Norway Beach:  Chippewa Loop and Norway Loop
  • Date: August, 7th, 8th and 9th, 2009
  • Time: Whenever you arrive.
  • Who: You and yours!  Or is that us and ours? As I find out who is attending this year I will post a list on this site and point you to the link.

Regarding Chippewa Loop:

As many of you know with the slump in the economy, camping is at an all time high this year.  All national camp sites are booking up at record speeds.   I apologize for not getting on top of this a little sooner, but I assure you I’m doing everything I can to help make the event worthwhile!

Chippewa Loop is booked full.  Today I reserved the last 4 campsites under my name at $56 each for the weekend–That’s two nights for Fri and Sat at $28 including cancellation fees.  I know some of the family has already booked reservations at this site.  I do not know who.  For those of you who must have a Chippewa Loop camp site you should contact me as soon as possible to get one.  I am not taking any of the spots for myself so there are currently four available.

  • These campsites are RV equipped.
  • 10 Persons per site are allowed.
  • You may have either 1 RV and 1 Tent or 2 tents per site.

Regarding the Norway Loop:

This is the larger loop.   There are 30 available sites as  I type this.  I expect by the end of today or tomorrow to have the Chippewa spots that I reserved booked for family members.   If you don’t mind where you are on Norway Beach and are active and able to move about easily I suggest you book here.

Picnic Shelter & Activities:

I have reserved the Picnic Shelter at Norway Beach for the entire day Saturday.  Some suggested activities that include the use of this shelter have been:

  • A picnic.  (How novel!)
  • A large game of Uno! (Bring a deck or two–we’ll use ’em!)
  • Cribbage tournament!
  • Bring a Board game…
  • Other card games!
  • A party in the evening? Formal attire is a must:  Swimsuits, flannels, sweats and jeans are accepted.

Non-Picnic Shelter Activities might include:

  • A Fishing outing
  • Golfing
  • Water sports (though I don’t know if we’ll have a volunteer for a boat)  Maybe you could run real fast and skip across the water.
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Shoes!
  • Lawn Games!
  • Scavenger Hunt?
  • Other suggestions?

Book Now!

As you read above, things are booking fast.  To give you an idea of just how fast National Forest Reservations are occurring let me share this:  While I was on the phone with the representative, the reservation number jumped 550+ in ten minutes.  That’s 550 reservations nationally every ten minutes.   That’s about 55 reservations per minute.  Or almost 1 a second!  Granted, those are not all Minnesota reservations but if you intend on camping, I suggest you book now and book often.

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Kooyer Reunion 2009

This is a message to update everyone about the Family Reunion.

I made a call to the Chippewa National Forest folks today and left a message. I also emailed them. I intend to check on the availability of the campgrounds. I’m aiming for the the same area as last time but I’m not familiar with any of this so I could use some help.

I had heard that campgrounds were filling up on the news and 3 Weeks ago I hurt my back pretty bad so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Next week I’m traveling for business again and the following week I’ll be in AZ for a vacation.

I’m sure other members of the family are much more familiar with the number of sites that are required for our little weekend getaway so if there is input regarding that–I could use the information.

Last time we did this a committee was formed. I don’t remember who’s idea it was but I think it was somewhat useful. Though this time I’d prefer the committee be open to the entire family… or at least anyone who would like to give input.

If you can’t (or are unable to) help I’ll still keep updating this area as well as the Facebook email group I created for the reunion.

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Linda Lee Kooyer (Glenn)

Hello everyone. I’m writing this at the request of my mom to update those of you who are may have concern over her recent ongoing battle with a form of breast cancer.

As many of you know a little less than a month ago Linda underwent surgery for a dime sized lump. Breast cancer is a common occurrence among women on her side of the family. Both her mother and her sister had it… and her aunt. All have been survivors of their cancers. At the time of surgery, the main hope for everyone was that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. In cases that it has, treatment is much more difficult. We were all pleased when the results for the lymph node tests came back negative.

Last week she met with her oncologist for the first time since the surgery. It was also the first time that the pathology report was thoroughly explained. Unfortunately, the news was not as good as we had hoped. Her cancer is not estrogen driven but rather it is a fairly aggressive form of cancer that requires additional treatment. My mom will undergo a series of chemotherapy treatments starting this Thursday. Many of you will recognize this as the day Glenn (her husband, my dad) died three years ago. Please keep her in your hopes and prayers as she fights this cancer. This will be a long battle for the next year and she needs our love and support.

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Hello Kooyers

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Adam, I may be picking your brain because I am attempting to start my own blog. I always wanted to be a writer of some kind when I was a kid so I am going to practice a bit. I am catching on fine I think but I need to understand how to use RSS language.

Scott and I are empty nesters these days as Kelsey is living down in Mankato. She likes it down there she can see her old friends and just started a new job at a Day Care Center at her church. Spring is here so Scott is getting busy at work and I am anxious to start gardening when I can…May can’t come fast enough for me.

Nothing big going on which is a good thing.
Happy Spring!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone have a great time this weekend. Remember the parade is this Saturday in St. Paul and not on Monday! Everyone be safe and remember your Dutch Irish heritage! 😉

St. Patrick’s Day 2008

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Test Message

Is this thing still on? Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Though many of us will not be together today, I’d like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Kooyer kin. May the day bring fond memories of those who or no longer with us and make us thankful for those who are. God bless everyone and travel safely on this day.


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From the VeVea Family

Hello All, I wanted to take the blog opportunity to talk to you all about what happened to sister Linda. Linda as you know had alcohol problems for many years, once her husband Leon passed 4 years ago she basically got worse. Many of us constantly urged her to quit and get help. Linda’s liver failed last week to the point where the toxins in her body were creating confusion in her brain. She didn’t know her name or where she was. Mom took her to the hospital and the “numbers” proved that she was not going to survive. Once the liver went, then the kidney and so on.

All of us sisters were fortunate to be there for Linda on the day of her passing. We all spent some private time with her even though she couldn’t talk, she did seem to respond to many loving conversations with family and friends.

I will be posting an on line obituary/slide show some time next week and will put the link on this blog for you all when it’s ready. We all loved Linda’s kind and gentle heart. I am comforted in knowing that she is no longer in pain and is with loved ones now with God.

Treasure each day. We hear it a lot but still continue to take our days for granted, I sure know that I have. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support for our family through this painful time.

God Bless you all.


You can go to: www.edwardsmemorial.com and her name, Linda Peterson will be listed on the right to click and you will then enter the page to launch the video and sign the guest book.

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Future Reunions

Mary Posted:

Hi All! It was great to see everyone at the reunion! Adam looks like you were elected by? to be the chair of the next reunion. I have no doubt you’ll do a great job.

I do have a suggestion and want to put it out to all of us folks out there for comment and thought. This past Monday I was out with my daughters and grandkids at Pattison State Park and took a tour of the park campgrounds and facilities. It’s SO nice! The beach is perfect, the falls are wonderful for site seeing, there is a nature trail that goes around the lake, they have volleyball nets and playing area set-up, an area for horseshoes, there is showers, changing houses etc. I really think (although Uncle Jim would object I am sure) that this would be the perfect place to located our next reunion. Cass Lake is beautiful too, but it’s just a camping area. Just a thought..so I figured I’d put it out for discussion. Also for those who want to fish…there is Amnicon Lake not too far away that has muskies in it…etc. AND there is a golf course only a few miles away from the park AND it’s not that far for those who want to stay in town. THOUGHTS please!! -Mary


I thought this deserved it’s own post. So I created one. Feel free to write new posts anytime everyone.

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Kooyer Lineage?

Do the names:

  • KOOYER, Jacob
  • KOOYER, Nicholaus

    ring familiar with anyone? The two apparently came to America in 1732. Just wondering if we’re related.

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