The Definitive Guide on…

How to use this site!

1. In order to post (and see your posts appear without my approval) you must log in. To login go to [Administration] located on the right side of this website (also known as the sidebar) and click [Login]. Once you’ve logged in you will see a menu where you can post and whatnot. Play around–if you break it I’ll fix it.

Most of you have accounts and those of you that don’t–well I can create accounts for you. Why have someone create an account? Well, if we don’t control who posts there are tools out there that litter websites like these with links and entries to Online Casinos, Pornography and other crazy stuff.

2. If you register your own account it can take a day or two for the approval to happen. In other words, if you create the account–that is just fine! 🙂 Just don’t expect to see anything that you’ve posted until your account is approved. Alternatively, you can email me at the two addresses above to see if you already have an account or request one be made for you.

3. If you enter a comment or post without logging in you will not see it right away unless you have logged in. To you it may seem that the site is not working properly. But in fact it is. Anyone who does not have an account may not post.

I Forgot My Password
If you cant remember your password email me at: adam at kooyer dot com -or- adam dot kooyer at gmail dot com and I’ll reset it.

I don’t want to post. I only want to comment. How do I do that exactly?

  1. You still need an account.
  2. And you still need to login.
  3. Once logged in click “View Site” from your main menu.
  4. When on the site itself go to the post you want to comment on.
  5. Click the [comments] link on the post you wish to make your statement.
  6. Post away!

Why does Adam type out his email everytime instead of using the standard format?

Well, there are little programs out there sometimes called ‘web spiders’ or ‘web crawlers‘. These can be used for either good or evil. Mostly they jump from website to website harvesting information. If they find a URL or link they harvest that information. If they find an email address they can also harvest that! Ever wonder how you started getting information about Viagra in your email? Well–likely you signed up for something, or put somewhere on someone’s site and a web crawler found it. The person running that web-bot then harvested your email. Afterwhich he or she added your email to their large list of recipients and will never stop sending you spamilicious emails.

I’m Computer Illiterate, Not Web-Saavy or Otherwise Electronically Handicapped –How can I figure this out?

First of all–this blog stuff is NOT that difficult. If you can write on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, lick and seal the envelope, address the envelope, place a stamp on the envelope, put the envelope in your pocket, find your way to a post office and hand the letter to a carrier or drop it in a mailbox for delivery–you can write entries on a web log.

Seriously.  No one is illiterate and all of the Kooyer clan are Saavy.  If you were not… you wouldn’t be reading this.

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