Future Reunions

Mary Posted:

Hi All! It was great to see everyone at the reunion! Adam looks like you were elected by? to be the chair of the next reunion. I have no doubt you’ll do a great job.

I do have a suggestion and want to put it out to all of us folks out there for comment and thought. This past Monday I was out with my daughters and grandkids at Pattison State Park and took a tour of the park campgrounds and facilities. It’s SO nice! The beach is perfect, the falls are wonderful for site seeing, there is a nature trail that goes around the lake, they have volleyball nets and playing area set-up, an area for horseshoes, there is showers, changing houses etc. I really think (although Uncle Jim would object I am sure) that this would be the perfect place to located our next reunion. Cass Lake is beautiful too, but it’s just a camping area. Just a thought..so I figured I’d put it out for discussion. Also for those who want to fish…there is Amnicon Lake not too far away that has muskies in it…etc. AND there is a golf course only a few miles away from the park AND it’s not that far for those who want to stay in town. THOUGHTS please!! -Mary


I thought this deserved it’s own post. So I created one. Feel free to write new posts anytime everyone.

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2 Responses to Future Reunions

  1. Adam says:

    Adam looks like you were elected by? to be the chair of the next reunion.

    Yeah, well when Grandma tells you to do something I guess you do it.!

    I’m open to suggestions of course. I don’t mind where the reunion is–just that people show up. The further we all get away from eachother the more difficult it is to find a central place. Cass Lake is a hike but it’s always nice once we’re there. Well… except the beach sure neeeded work this year.

  2. Lorri says:

    HI!, I agree with Mary. I have taken my family to Patterson and they enjoy it. YES. I do think we need more participation.The next Kooyer Generation. I would like to see some of my cousins with their kids. I know Adam you are taking on a big task.But you can do this.Don’t let the old timers get ya! aka my brothers.They don’t so well with change..old farts!
    Love the pictures also. Just wish we could have stayed longer…

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