Calling All Kooyers

This is the new and improved Kooyer Family website. It’s a community blog website. This means that if you’re a Kooyer (or Rindahl) [or related to a Kooyer or Rindahl] you can have an account on this website and post messages. This includes anyone from an Andersen to a Wiskerchen (as long as you’re related in some way to a Kooyer!) Use this site to post Reunion info or just to post something interesting. See you soon.

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  1. Adam says:

    You will also be able to comment–much like I am now. You will notice to the right that we have a spot for links. Above we have permanent pages that might be useful. For instance, we may want to make a reunion page and post details in it–I’ve already placed a marker for the 2006 Reunion above. “The Board” could make decisions as to what needs to go on the ‘reunion page’ and we could make a link. It’s entirely configurable.

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