Items To Note When Using This Site

Well, we’re off to a slow start–but it’s a good start! There are a few things I’d like to point out when using this site.

1. There is a register section in the lower right hand corner of the main page. You may use this to register but your account will require approval before your posts are accepted. It is probably quicker to email me directly for your account activation. This is not to inconvenience anyone–it is to prevent spam posts from random users.

2. From time to time I will add functionality to the site. During these times the site may appear to be broken. If this happens when you visit please check back within 10-15 miinutes. It likely does not take that long for me to fix it. If there are problems and the site simply never comes up–please email me.

3. Don’t be afraid to post. You can’t break the website by logging in. And everyone is as capable as the next where posting is concerned. I hope we begin to use this for more than just reunion info.

4. And finally don’t be afraid of me. I don’t bite. If you have ideas or would like to suggest something I’m open to new ideas.

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